About bizonbit

What is bizonbit?

Bizonbit is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that makes crypto money trading comfortable, easy, and profitable.

How does bizonbit work?

Bizonbit offers its users a great deal of comprehensible data to make the best choice about valid cryptocurrencies that are currently in operation in an easy and understandable way.

Why you should trust bizonbit?

In bizonbit, all basic data are analyzed at first. The information obtained after the basic analysis of the fundamental analysis is presented within the framework of technical analysis. As a result, these analyses are presented to users in a meaningful and comprehensible and in a format that everyone can use quickly. The main advantage of the Bizonbit cryptocurrency exchange platform is to offer users the lowest choice when buying. On the other hand, it is to offer the highest choice to its investors when offering sales options in digital currency exchange.


What is wallet?

A wallet is a digital space where you keep your coins and tokens. You can name your wallet address with letters and numbers as you like.

how I can get a cryptocurrency wallet?

It is an electronic and virtual environment where you can store all the digital coins you purchase. To trade digital money from the bizonbit cryptocurrency exchange platform, you must first open the coin and token wallet on another platform. bizonbit platform does not provide getting a wallet and deposit services.

Why should we use e-mail?

You must enter your Email to open and manage your personal account and process it. You can use this method to save account adjustments, password change, and transaction history.

Transactions and Payments

What is a destination tag?

A shortcode that assigns your operations to a specific account. the destination tag is mandatory for most transactions. Add the destination tag along with XPR while you do your operations.

What is Stellar?

Each stellar wallet has a unique code of letters and numbers. Make sure you use the correct memo when trading cryptocurrencies. Which currencies apply to converting crypto to fiat? Digital withdrawals are continuing from BTC to EUR.

What are the limits of this process?

The minimum amount of bitcoin sales is set at EUR 250. The maximum amount of bitcoin with basic KYC is EUR 10000. The sales quantity is unlimited for those who pass the advanced KYC procedure.

What is hash?

Hash is a unique address which is a combination of numbers and letters. This address is maintained as an indicator of the functions that occur. our support team first asks for a hash address If you have any problem with a transaction on our platform.

What is the difference between basic and advanced KYC?

Documents required for basic KYC: Paraport ID card License After you have passed this stage, you do not need to verify your identity even though you have reached advanced KYC criteria. After 48 hours, a total of OVER EUR 10000 must be more than EUR 50000. Once the transactions take place, you must pass the face-to-face recognition call. In this procedure, you must provide an additional ID and sign a document. THE advanced KYC process will be started within 48 hours after exceeding EUR 10000 or after your total transactions exceed EUR 50000. There will be no restrictions on your trades after this procedure.

which currencies are accepted in bizonbit?

All cryptocurrencies that apply in the cryptocurrency market are valid on the bizonbit digital currency translation platform.

Can I use credit cards from another region?

You can do your transactions with any currency you choose from any country. Transactions are made in USD, EUR or GBP currencies. In order to eliminate costs of multiple conversions, we recommend using USD / EUR bank cards. Your transactions may be rejected by the bank for any reason or due to the problem. To avoid such problems, we recommend using a debit card instead of a credit card.

What is the exchange rate?

The rate of a transaction is called matching the rates of transactioned coins. There are two types of trading in bizonbit, fixed trading, and dynamic trading.

What are network fees?

Sending cryptocurrencies and exchanging goes through a blockchain. Network fees are charged to perform such operations. A small amount of network fees are accepted for each currency sending.

When can I get my money?

Operations on the Bizonbit platform take an average of 5-30 minutes. The digital currency exchanging varies depending on the blockchain capacity and the size of the transaction.

Why is my wallet address is invalid?

The bizonbit crypto exchanging platform supports most of the wallets. Usually, the wallet address is invalid for the following reasons: make sure you enter your address and password correctly. Check your wallet address's compatibility with the crypto money you choose.


What is dynamic trade?

We recommend this method if you want to trade based on the instant change of the currency values. You choose a pair of currency at then you can change when they reach the best rate by following mutual value changes for these two currencies.

What is fixed trade?

In the currency trading platform, where instant value variability is experienced, we offer you a one-minute holding opportunity as soon as you get the best rate. When you see the highest rate for the paired currencies that you want to translate, you can pin the same value to start the process for a minute.

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